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Tool Tracking Software from CribMaster Can Help Reduce Waste and Optimize Your Business Processes

Whether you are the tool crib manager for a small manufacturing company, the plant manager for a large mining operation, or simply involved in the day-to-day functioning of a business of any size, you know that tool management is a crucial issue. Inefficiencies or waste at any point in the system can cause major problems for your business, but with tool tracking software from CribMaster, you can streamline your tool tracking and have your company running at peak efficiency.

Tool Tracking SoftwareOur state-of-the-art tool tracking software offers you robust features you won't find anywhere else. Combined with our industrial tool vending machines and RFID options, you'll have access to a wealth of features, such as inventory and personnel tracking, indirect material management, data analysis, and much more. Here's a brief glimpse of how the software works:

  • When a tool is checked out from one of our CribMaster point-of-use solutions, the employee must scan his or her badge or enter an employee code.
  • Once the tool is checked out, the employee then becomes accountable for the tool, expenses are accounted for by cost centers you define, and the time spent using the tool is monitored through the tool tracking capabilities of our inventory control software.
  • Each tool is managed and logged, and if there are missing items or items checked out for an extended period, the tool tracking software reports what has gone missing, for how long, and who is accountable.
  • Consumable inventory is also tracked and the software has an extensive purchasing functionality that enables you to discover optimal order quantities with the help of a Gordon Graham inventory control calculation. The tool crib software also acts as a completely automated supply chain management solution.

Don't spend another day using an inefficient or outdated tool tracking system. Upgrade to CribMaster's top-of-the line tool tracking software and help your company streamline its processes and minimize waste.

To learn more about tool tracking software and the other tool management, inventory control, and other beneficial options we offer to companies of all sizes, contact your "sales rep" today.

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