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CribMaster Accu-Port

CribMaster Accu-Port™

CribMaster Accu-PortThe Accu-Port™ takes the issue and return of indirect materials to an entirely new automated level. Centrally locate self-issue store rooms or tool cribs and completely automate the distribution and vending of tools, MRO and other indirect material.

  • Automated tracking of inventory in and out of a secured area
  • Automatic employee identification via content/rfid-inventory-managementRFID employee badges
  • Management and monitoring of expendable, durable, kits and serialized items
  • Complete calibration and inspection monitoring and notification
  • Complete smart purchasing and replenishment system
  • Automated supplier management and supplier performance reporting
  • Ease of use and no additional steps
  • and much more...

Forget about adding steps for your employees to comply with, they simply walk in, gather their items and walk out. With over 170 canned reports and the ability to automate the delivery of the reports, the Accu-Port™ ensures all processes are followed properly by properly notifying those responsible for the tasks. This is the ultimate solution for better control of an unmanned situation and an easy way to gain control of your inventory. Accu-Port users have reported an average payback on the solution of less than 6 months with 20% - 40% inventory usage reductions. The Accu-Port is the ultimate in RFID tool tracking, indirect material and asset tracking.

Product Used For

Equipment Specs


Centralized Tool Cribs / Store Rooms (expendable & durable items)

1 - Reader & 3- Antennae

Height = 90"

Maintenance Cribs

PC, Touch Screen, Software, Scanner

Width = 67.25"

Mobile Asset Tracking & Mgmt

Standardized inlays - Alien squiggle 1 x 4

Depth = 27"

Spare Parts Inventory

Supporting Documentation

Kit Issue and Management



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