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CribMaster ToolBox

CribMaster ToolBox™

CribMaster ToolBoxThis is the first point-of-use distribution device introduced to the CribMaster product line. This is the start of the CribMaster tool vending machines. This device has helped many operations by:

  • Enabling an easy to use touch screen interface
  • Tracking with multi-category usage & accounting - Up to seven (6 user definable) classifications for tracking and reporting
  • Allowing flexible automatic reordering & resupply to limit stock outs
  • Item issue security - limit access to prevent incorrect usage or unauthorized access
  • Item issue efficiency - improved productivity by issuing nearer to job sites
  • Helping manufacturing efficiency - machine usage improved by minimizing downtimes
  • Eliminating stock-outs with features like critical alerts and automated optimum order levels
  • and more...

WinWare has combined the world’s leading toolcrib / store room automation software, CribMaster, with durable and reliable electronically controlled hardware. Affordable and secure point-of-use distribution is now available for a wide variety of items. All types of industrial firms can benefit from efficient, cost accountable inventory dispensing without a large capital investment.

Product Used For

Equipment Specs


Point-of-Use Inventory Dispensing

PC with Windows XP Professional

Height = 73"

MRO item dispensing

Touch Screen Monitor

Width = 38.5"

Cutting tools and expendables

Symbol 2208 Bar-Code Scanner (Standard)

Depth = 35"

Glove dispensing

Other Information

Safety glasses and other PPE

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