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RFID Inventory Management Systems from WinWare

RFID Inventory ManagementWhether you work in retail or some other industry that demands a precise, up-to-the-minute inventory control system, you know how disastrous even a small problem somewhere along the supply chain can be. Luckily, if you're looking to upgrade your inventory control system, cut down on waste, and streamline your business process, WinWare can help.

With RFID inventory management systems featuring our innovative RFID display cases, RFID tags, and robust software, you can combine these high-tech products into an all-in-one solution, especially in retail applications.

For instance, let's say your retail store sells lots of high-cost items that are at risk for theft, such as video games and movies. Our RFID inventory management system gives you a real-time inventory control system that offers you accurate measures of your supplies and allows you to optimize your purchasing processes.

Never again will you have to worry about running out of a particular item, overstocking your shelves with too much of another item, or any other similar problems.

Furthermore, if you've been battling to cut down on shrinkage - or the percentage of product that is lost between manufacture and point of sale due to employee theft, shoplifting, or some other reason - here's how our RFID inventory management system can also help in this area.

Our RFID tagging solutions allow you to track when an item is removed from the case, which employee removed it, and when the item is either returned to its spot in the case, or purchased by a customer.

Supply Solutions