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CribMaster Cost Savings

CribMaster software, vending or RFID will have a tremendous impact on your operation. There are three functions a CribMaster system will immediately improve. They are: Control, Accountability and Tracking. All three of these functions provide an immediate impact in terms of cost reductions and productivity gains.

We categorize cost reductions into "Hard" and "Soft" cost reductions. Hard cost reductions include direct purchasing and inventory savings and soft cost reductions typically apply to productivity enhancements.

Justifying the CribMaster Purchase

One of the questions we often get asked is, "How can we justify the purchase and prove our ROI?" This is not as difficult of a task as one may think. Each operation is different and depending on current methods, the ROI will differ for each company implementing a vending machine system.

There are other factors that impact ROI but we are able to take averages from over 1,500 implementations to provide help in calculating your cost savings.

You are not alone when attempting to understand potential cost savings. Your "Sales Representative" has complex tools available and will work with you each step of the way. Fill out our quick and easy form to get started.

Amnesty Graph

CribMaster Cost Savings with Tool, MRO and Indirect Material Software, RFID and Vending

Inventory Recall...Jump Start Your Savings

How organized is your inventory currently?

Do you think your operators or employees have extra inventory that they have in a special place because of running out in the past?

If so, a dramatic impact to your cost savings would be to organize a plant-wide inventory recall. An inventory recall is a way to jump start your ROI and help establish your new methods and processes for inventory distribution. Your spend will follow a pattern like the graph above. Depending on your inventory turns, you will have a dramatic impact on the first three months of inventory spend and your spend will level off at an amount less than where you started. We have seen this at many installations and it is a very rapid way to prove ROI.

We'll be glad to discuss with you how vending, RFID and software have helped others gain control of tools, MRO and other indirect material.

Call your "Sales Representative" today.

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